BPR Regular Meeting Recap

In accordance with the USAPA Constitution & Bylaws and USAPA Operating Manual, President Bradford called a Regular Meeting of the Board of Pilot Representatives, to be conducted via Conference Call, commencing at 1000 ET on Monday, December 28, 2015, with the following planned agenda:

-         Officer Reports

-         Budget Report and Discussion

-         Legal Briefing


On the call were President Steve Bradford, Secretary-Treasurer John Owens, Communications, General Counsel Brian O’Dwyer, Attorney Gary Silverman, and the following BPR Members:

CLT: Lew Milliner
DCA: Jay Milkey
PHL: John Taylor (held proxy for Walter Hall), Mike Gillies

At approximately 1008 ET, President Steve Bradford called the meeting to order.

Agenda Item – Legal Briefing

General Counsel Brian O’Dwyer and Attorney Gary Silverman provided a briefing to the Board on current and pending litigation:

  • West’s application for attorneys’ fees in the Addington cases was filed on December 2, 2015, in which $3.6 million for fees and costs is sought for all three cases (in rounded numbers as follows:  Addington I - $2.3 million; DJ Action - $370,000; Addington II - $926,000).  USAPA’s response is due January 12, 2016 and West’s reply is due January 29, 2016.
  • There has been a settlement in the Cleary case, found acceptable to all parties, but details are unable to be discussed as per the terms of the settlement.
  • USAPA has not opposed the application for court-ordered mediation involving all NC cases to take place during the week of January 25, 2016. This application proposed convening mediation over two or three consecutive days in Charlotte. All that remains to be worked out is the selection of a mediator and the specific dates of the mediation.
  • A DJ action will be commenced against AIG due to its recent disclaimer of coverage in the NC actions.

Agenda Item – Budget Report and Discussion

Secretary-Treasurer John Owens gave an overview of the financial position of the association and the ongoing efforts to reduce costs. The association has been focusing on the getting the cost structure down to almost nothing, which has included negotiations on the office building lease, sales of all office furniture, etc. President Bradford noted that the goal of the association from here on out is to settle pending litigation and get to a dissolution solution which will allow us to distribute money back to the rightful owners.

With no new business to discuss, a motion to adjourn the call was moved/second by Taylor/Milliner.

At approximately 1058 ET, without objection, the meeting was adjourned.

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