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USAPA stands for US Airline Pilots Association. We are the former union representative for the 5,200 mainline pilots of US Airways. We formed our union based on the principles of democracy, transparency and free thought. We strive to create an environment where our pilots have all the tools needed to focus on the efficiency and safety of each of their flights.

Organizationally, USAPA is governed by our Board of Pilot Representatives. Our Board is elected by our pilots from the individual pilot domiciles throughout our mainline US Airways system.

Our Mission

USAPA’s mission is to ensure safe flights for our passengers by guaranteeing that their lives are in the hands of only the most qualified, competent and well-equipped pilots. USAPA will fight against any practices that may jeopardize our pilots’ training, equipment, workplace environment, compensation or work/life balance, or compromise our pilots’ ability to execute the optimal flight.

Our Membership

We pride ourselves on being the most senior and experienced group of commercial pilots in the United States. Our pilots come from various backgrounds in private, commercial and military aviation. We fly our passengers to over 180 destinations, including Europe, Israel, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Our Aircraft

Our experienced pilot group is in charge of a wide fleet of jet aircraft, including the Embraer E-190, Boeing B-737-300/400 and B-757/767 series, the Airbus A319/320/321 series, the Airbus A330-200, and the Airbus A330-300.

Around our Web Site

Please take your time and peruse our Web site. You can find a swath of articles from around the country in our news section, or read our most recent releases to the media in our press section. Members of the press may find USAPA's media contact information here. For all other inquiries, please fill out a specific request on our contact page, or call us at (877) 332-3342.

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